And all ends well (2020 – installation)

Collaboration with Kurt Spyker (

A small and humble tribute to the awesome 80s and 90s’ music, epic films, starships! the universe and art. Music by Kurt Spyker.

Chasing Memories by Kurt Spyker
Ectoplasm on the ceiling

Latissimus Dorsi (2019)

Collaboration with Joël Bonk ( )
Created for the landart exhibition Playground, Bergarde galleries, Heerjansdam.

The Latissimus Dorsi, literally translates ‘the widest from the rear’, rises from the lush green polder. Artists Bonk (Zwolle, 1980) and Van der Veer (Rotterdam, 1979) based the form on the carriers of the human body: the spine and the Latissimus Dorsi, the broad back muscle. The creature stands for strength and the restoration of the estate: once saturated farmland, now a source for new life. This raises the question whether the Latissimus Dorsi is a fossil from bygone times or a glimpse into the future? Step closer and discover the bent treasures in the wunderkammers of the spine. Are these natural history wonders or is everything made by man?
text by Teuntje van de Wouw.

Atomos I Series (2017-2020)

Atomos II Series (2018-2021)

Playground (2010-now)

A selection of drawings and details of drawings from the ongoing series Playground.

Pakje kunst

Diary of september

Snapshots and scribbles of 30 somewhat days in september 2018 resulted in 30 small works for PAKJE Kunst.

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